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10 Tremendously Designed Bedroom Ideas in Shades of Blue

Bedroom Ideas – Blue is considered to be the mainstream colour of the world, it just has that allure and tone that is able to draw anyone in, thus it comes as no surprise that is one of the most selected colours used in the interior design industry. So, today, we leave you with 10 tremendously designed bedroom ideas in shades of blue.

bedroom ideas

This bedroom design by Kelly Behun displays a cluster of luxurious and exceptional touches, especially the Floral wallpaper mixed with blue tones. In addition, the blue curtains by Christopher Hyland do wonders to this bedroom.


Since children also deserve the decor spotlight, here you can find a creative and whimsical bedroom set. Miles Redd gave freshness to this Manhattan bedroom.

blue bedrooms 1

An idyllic bedroom design for girls using a wide variety of textures and blue tones. Eero Aarnio designed the playful vintage chair.

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If you aren’t a fan of bolder blue touches, this bedroom design may be the right one for you. This master bedroom is actually a part of Christopher Grow’s home and is best defined by its icy blue wallpaper.


Make blue the statement colour of your bedroom and contrast it with white so you have the most harmonious aesthetics possible.


This modern Mexican treehouse’s bedroom has an astounding accent blue wall that brings personality and brightness to the whole decor.


Now, if you are an avid fan of mixing colours, then one of the best colours to blend with blue is yellow, just take a look at the bedroom design depicted above. It is comfortable, warm and pretty original.

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blue-bedrooms-15-1488572346 bedroom ideas

This retreat features a muted blue palette while providing mesmerising views to the outside world.

blue-bedrooms-10 bedroom ideas

Vincent Wolf was the man behind the design of this majestic blue guestroom. Using a soft blue shade, he decorated this beauty in a Long Island home.

blue-bedrooms-16 bedroom ideas

Lastly, this generous and inventive design combines the best of both worlds by having both a bed and a bathtub in the same area, while also displaying light mixtures of blue.


How do you feel about these astounding bedroom ideas? To Find more inspirations for your house interior design go to our Pinterest boards and Twitter. If you want to be up to date with the latest trends about interior design tips and furniture luxury brands, sign up to our Newsletter and receive exclusive content, free of charges, in your email.

Source: Elle Decor

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