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AD SHOW 2017 – A Preview to KOKET’s Vintage Glamour Allure

AD SHOW 2017 – Empowering and provocative are the best words to use when defining the enticing and dramatic interior nature of KOKET. The enthralling brand is inventing every luxury seeker and design enthusiasts to visit the Love Happens Lounge at New York City’s Architectural Digest Design Show, or simply known as AD Show which is set to occur from 16th to 19th March. KOKET’s booth has an alluring effect to it, not only do its astonishing configuration but also its social character.

Architectural-Digest-Design-Show--1 ad show 2017

The Lounge is characterised by a strong presence of exoticism over clean vintage lines. Although it is an extremely luxurious setting, it is also a highly edited space. Its design showcases KOKET’s fondness for black with cream and gold accents.

AD Show 2017 KOKET-Brings-Vintage-Glamour-to-AD-Design-Show-2017 ad show 2017 -New-York-768x429

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Gleaming with a series of glamorous and elegant pieces, here you can find in further detail some of the most bewildering pieces that will be featured at AD SHOW 2017, from Large angular mirrors to upholstered sofas.

egoist-mirror-1 AD Show 2017

The simple style of the Egoist mirror brings together the Art Deco symmetry with the touch of a delicate cast brass hand holding a chain.


Eternalized in gleaming metallic, the Gia chandelier consists of a hand sculpted metal calla Lilly freely suspended from a group of strings.

gia-chandelier-3 AD Show 2017

gisele-side-table-5 AD Show 2017

The Gisele side table is composed of three elegant Victorian cast brass hands on a delicate tripod base hold iridescent peacock feather top.

gisele-side-table-1 AD Show 2017


The splendorous Lotus floor lamp presents an exquisite manner of craftsmanship, present in the meticulous hand carving and finishing of the base. This lighting piece has a hand carved wood base and finished in a high gloss translucent colour, varnished over a silver leaf. Lamp shade covered in a low sheen black silk with gold lining.

reptilia-sofa-1 AD Show 2017

Coated in a glorious lux black velvet, the Reptilia Sofa is crowned by a meticulously hand carved crocodile. Each scale is delicately covered in gold leaf and its frame is made from polished brass.

reptilia-sofa-3 AD Show 2017

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