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Bedroom Decor Ideas: Chests of Drawers

Chests of drawers are both decorative and a storage furnishing that you can take advantage by use it to give a refreshing look to your bedroom set. Bedroom Ideas present you some bedroom decor ideas and examples of how to use it and how to choose this home furnishing regarding the rest of your bedroom decor and your decorative style.

Black and gold chest

Bedroom Decor Ideas: Chests of DrawersThe vintage-inspired drama of this elegant cabinet captures the essence of haute style. Sensuous curves and subtle gold gilt makes the Orchidea an irresistible choice. Oval top in ebony veneer structure in high gloss black lacquer with four drawers lined in black velvet. Doors and drawers adorned with cast bronze orchid handles supported by a polished brass base. By Koket.

Bedroom Decor Ideas: 50 Inspirational Chests of Drawers

Colorful Chest of Drawers

A bit of color is always needed in home interior design. Your bedroom is not exception! Chose your favorite color and brinf it inside your bedroom set! There’s some examples of green, orange, blue, red and other colors mixing together in a incredible chest of drawers.

Bedroom Decor Ideas: Chests of Drawers

Bedroom Decor Ideas: 50 Inspirational Chests of Drawers

Bedroom Decor Ideas: Chests of Drawers This creation reinforces the status of the art of furniture, reflected in the most beautiful and sophisticated drawers that defy time and space. All drawers were worked by hand respecting the highest standards of quality, whether in the fine materials used, or in all the finishing details. The high level of demand is revealed in all phases of this creation, from its conception, until the finishing touch. By Boca do Lobo.

Contemporary Chest of Drawers

When it comes to modern furniture, it’s easy to find a chest of drawers that fits in your bedroom set. If this is your home interior styel, Home Decor Ideas has some decorating ideas for you…

Bedroom Decor Ideas: Chests of DrawersThe mood of the moment dictates fantasy and heritage. As its name denotes, this sensational piece was inspired by the traditional craft of crochet, a process of creating fabric that consists of pulling loops of yarn through other loops. We transmit our unique skill through technical and stylistic innovations. By Boca do Lobo.

Patchwork Chest of Drawers 

A really funny way of using color and different types of materials is to chose a chest of drawers made by the patchwork technique. Patchwork is a form of needlework that involves sewing together pieces of fabric into a larger design. The larger design is usually based on repeat patterns built up with different fabric shapes (which can be different colors). These shapes are carefully measured and cut, basic geometric shapes making them easy to piece together. Theres are Home Decor Ideas suggestions.

Bedroom Decor Ideas: 50 Inspirational Chests of Drawers

Lacquered Chest of Drawers

Lacquer is a clear or coloured wood finish that dries by solvent evaporation or a curing process that produces a hard, durable finish. This finish can be of any sheen level from ultra matte to high gloss, and it can be further polished as required. It is also used for “lacquer paint”, which is a paint that typically dries better on a hard and smooth surface. This technique provides durable and bright home furnishings that, in this case, are perfect to a bedroom decoration.

White Chest of Drawers

White is a color that combine with all the home furnishings and decorative items. There’s five examples of white chest of drawers to use it in a bedroom decoration, either if your bedroom set is all in white or if your bedroom design is filled with another colors.

This chest of drawers are a great example of french furniture that can, easily, grace your bedroom set.

Black chest of drawers

Black is another color that you can use in some details in a bedroom decoration, such as a chest of drawers. There’s an ezample of  how to use it and how to combine a black chest of drawers with th rest of your bedroom set.

A touch of golden or white in a black chest of drawers make the difference in a bedroom set. Above, there’s two decorating ideas with this color play.

Bedroom Decor Ideas: 50 Inspirational Chests of Drawers

How do you feel about these bedroom interiors? Find more inspirations for your house interior design at our Pinterest boards.

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