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7 Bedroom Design Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, that we already know. When it comes to design, sometimes we make big mistakes in our bedroom decor that totally ruins the entire look and feel of the space. Today, we address these bedroom design mistakes and tell you how you should stop making them and correct them.

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Your Wall Color is Jarring

7 Bedroom Design Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now

The bedroom should be a place of relaxation and peace, natural and with soft color, not vibrating and energetic. For a more soothing environment, stick to lighter, softer shades and materials, less patterns and texture. Softer is better, trust us, especially when you’re about to go to sleep and feel that white cozy sheet covering you and light blue walls surrounding you.

Having No Rug

Your Rug is Way Too Small

If you have wood or some other type of flooring, an area rug will go a long way in warming up your space. It’s bad enough if you have a way too small rug but having none at all is a sin. Position a soft and cozy rug correctly in your bedroom and you will immediately see a difference.

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The Bed’s Too Big

7 Bedroom Design Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now_3

No matter how tempting a big bed is, don’t size up if you’re dealing with a small bedroom. It’s better for it to be functional and for you to have space to actually walk around your bedroom without feeling cramped. In fact, that feeling can really affect your sleep, so pick a comfortable bed but keep in mind the space, always. There are various options out there, yous just have to know how to pick.

Layout Blocks Natural Light Sources

7 Bedroom Design Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now_4

If you put something cramped against a window, you’ll find it can be quite suffocating. Instead, keep everything away from the natural light sources, even if you have a few lighting pieces here and there.

A Low Bed

7 Bedroom Design Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now_5

If your bed is on the ground, it’s time to maybe change things up and think of a bedroom makeover. A higher bed not only makes the room feel grander but it also magically offers you a lot more storage space that you can use to unclutter your bedroom.

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Sophia Bed

Clutter Everywhere

7 Bedroom Design Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now_6

If you have clutter all over your bedroom, maybe it’s time to watch Marie Kondo on Netflix. You don’t need or want excess in your bedroom and it always provides a better feeling to the entire room if it’s clean and neat. Keep your belongings stored if you don’t need them laying around.

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