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5 Bedroom Designs Inspired By Disney Villains

These bedroom designs almost make for happy endings!

Villains might never get happy endings, but they certainly compensate with their sense of style. The following bedroom designs certainly fit their malefic plots and aesthetics, and could definitely be trending right now. Now that Halloween is fast approaching, you might want to get inspired by these designs and get your room dressed up! Without further ado, get to know these fantastical bedroom designs inspired by Disney villains!

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1 – Maleficent’s Room (Sleeping Beauty)

5 Bedroom Designs Inspired By Disney Villains
Credit: Angie’s List

Maleficent is a very powerful witch. Her bedroom might not have ever been shown, but considering her general style and appearance, we can imagine what it’d look like: a sophisticated room, fit for a queen, with traces of maleficent witch vibes. Certainly proud of herself, this is a room that reflects that. The colors and decorations are all references to herself: antlers for the black horns, the usage of black and purple lining up with her clothes, the green of her green skin and golden splashes referencing her golden staff.

2 – Cruella de Vil’s Room (101 Dalmatians)

5 Bedroom Designs Inspired By Disney Villains
Credit: Angie’s List

All it takes is a single look at this room for you to immediately tell who it belongs to. It takes obvious inspiration from the woman herself. The sharp lines are a reference to her own body design, the black and white come from her outfit and is everywhere and the same goes for the red hints of it, too. Naturally, there would be fur – this is Cruella de Vil we’re talking about.

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3 – The Evil Queen’s Room (Snow White and The Seven Dwarves)

5 Bedroom Designs Inspired By Disney Villains
Credit: Angie’s List

The Evil Queen was the fairest of them all until Snow White came about, but that doesn’t mean her room would be any less amazing. This woman had an undeniable sense of style, wearing rich, royal colors and exquisite fabrics and jewels. That is exactly what her room would have – luxurious fabrics and colors. And, of course, one thing that could not be missing by any means: a golden mirror.

4 – Jafar’s Room (Aladin)

5 Bedroom Designs Inspired By Disney Villains
Credit: Angie’s List

Jafar was a man with a level of ambition that led him to be evil. With such lust for power, his bedroom could only be extremely luxurious, fit for a sultan of his grandeur. His room would have an overall Arabic theme boosted by various opulent elements, such as the large rug (obviously a rug would have to be here), plenty of prints and a lot of golden accents.



5 – Ursula’s Room (The Little Mermaid)

5 Bedroom Designs Inspired By Disney Villains
Credit: Angie’s List

In a word where (fortunately) bullies are less and less tolerated, Ursula would feel like a fish out of water. Her room should resemble the ocean, her true home, as much as possible. That’s very evident from the looks of her wave wall and the colors of everything, really. The decorations also take inspiration from the ocean itself, such as the golden coral on one of the bedside tables. The ceiling chandelier is also rather octopus-like, wouldn’t you say?

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