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Best Bedroom Ideas by Boca do Lobo

Best Bedroom Ideas by Boca do Lobo – Looking for some Inspirations to decorate your luxury bedroom ? Can’t find them? Boca do Lobo dedicates every day to bring you the last trends and improve Luxury Style in the Design world. Bedrooms can be in all Styles and sizes, shapes and most of the times you wonder: “How can I design my own?”

Bedroom Ideas

Best Bedroom Ideas by Boca do Lobo

Your house should be your kingdom and the bedroom your trone. It’s were you’ll find peace of mind and try to relax after an hard day of work, so it’s should be confortable, pratical and functional.  Discover some bedroom ideas!

Best Bedroom Ideas by Boca do Lobo

The bedroom should show your character and if you’re a Luxury Design Lover you should have all the luxury design pieces that will make you feel good.Boca do Lobo Design Studio has designed some Trendy Design Pieces for 2016 that will make your bedroom look a suite were you should fall a sleep with a smille because it makes you feel good. Everyone should have a bedroom were you can see in every piece, and in every part of the room , your own touch and personallity.


Best Bedroom Ideas by Boca do Lobo


VENICE | MIRROR Due to this ability to reflect light and show appearance so precisely and incredibly, mirrors are widely believed to have enchanting powers. A passionate explosion of romance, drama and emotion is transcended through this magnificent Venetian mirror.

SOHO | BEDSIDE TABLE Soho Bedside Table is another addition to Soho Collection. Perfect for contemporary rooms. Can add a special cosmopolitan character to your room.

MELROSE | DRESSING TABLE Melrose is the materialize return of feminine refuge. Created with Boca do Lobo’s core value of reinterpreting the past and giving it a contemporary style, Melrose presents a novelty, a mirror that lets you adjust the viewing angle while rotating around a vertical axis, allowing a rotation of 360º. Melrose is a modern dressing table available in black or white, an exclusive piece of furniture that lends a unique decorative touch to your bedroom.

NEWTON ELIPTIC | SUSPENSION  Newton is a handcrafted piece that has something unique about it. Newton Lamp is a monumental piece which authenticates Boca do Lobo designers and artisans’ work.

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Best Bedroom Ideas by Boca do Lobo


GOLD | FOLDING SCREEN Possession of furniture with gold and silver leafing symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It was a status symbol in those ancient times that inspired our present furniture makers who adopted the concept of gold leafing. Talented designers and master artisans created this highly desirable statement piece that is jewelry for the home.

FRANK | CHEST This creation reinforces the status of the art of furniture, reflected in the most beautiful and sophisticated drawers that defy time and space. All drawers were worked by hand respecting the highest standards of quality, whether in the fine materials used, or in all the finishing details. The high level of demand is revealed in all phases of this creation, from its conception, until the finishing touch.

QUEENS | CHEST Queens highboy is an exclusive piece for your modern living room or for your sophisticated bedroom. With its variety of exotic wood leafs, strong presence and bold character Queens distinguishes itself. The diversity of finishes evoke sensuality and elegance which are visible upon first meeting Queens.



Best Bedroom Ideas by Boca do Lobo


NEWTON | SUSPENSION LAMP We take great pride in providing clients with the highest quality modern luxury design pieces, and Newton Suspension lamp is a handcrafted piece that has something unique about it. Newton Lamp is a monumental piece which authenticates Boca do Lobo designers and artisans’ work.

OBLONG | CABINET The Oblong Bar Cabinet is a fusion of modernistic and classical elements into a highly detailed and exquisite limited edition furniture piece. The modern cabinet was specifically designed to act as a statement piece in contemporary living rooms and raise the bar on luxury decoration. Handcrafted by the finest craftsmen, the luxury cabinet was born from the use of production methods developed to deliver the highest quality.

Bedroom Ideas

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How do you feel about these bedroom interiors? Find more inspirations and Bedroom Ideas for your house interior design at our Pinterest boards.

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