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How To Change Your Bedroom Decor To Become A Morning Person

Decorating your bedroom can really change the way you feel inside it. In fact, decorating any room in your home can really change your life and wellbeing. At the end of the day and at the start of a brand new one, your bedroom is the only space that matters. To feel good in your home, is to live a good life. We’ll show you exactly how to change your bedroom decor to make your mornings easier and happier.

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Say No To Technology

How To Change Your Bedroom Decor To Become A Morning Person

Technology is a distraction, don’t try to argue with us or deny it. If you’re on your phone in bed, struggling to keep your eyes open to finish that episode on Netflix, you should really listen to your body. The signs are all there: you don’t need the distractions, you need to sleep. A good bedroom doesn’t distract you from a good night’s sleep, but instead relaxes you and softly embraces you as you rest. To decorate your bedroom, keep your technology away, focus on what’s important.


Keep Your Alarm Clock Out Of Reach

How To Change Your Bedroom Decor To Become A Morning Person

We all have that habit of being woken up by the alarm clock, groaning, turn it off, and close our eyes, telling ourselves it’s just five more minutes. Want to change your life? Start the morning off by not turning off your alarm clock and try to get some more minutes before getting up. Instead, get to bed a little earlier and wake up on the right time, no excuses. For that, place your alarm clock away from your bed and bedside table. If you have your alarm clock on your dressing table, you’ll have to get out of bed to turn it off. And guess what? You’re already there, so might as well start getting dressed!

Make It Comfortable

How To Change Your Bedroom Decor To Become A Morning Person_3

Comfort doesn’t just mean a comfortable mattress and duvet, but everything that has to do with your comfort in your bedroom such as noise, light and temperature. These factors can really change the way you feel about your bedroom or ruin a good night’s sleep so keep in mind what could disrupt your sleep and find some decorative and functional solutions for it.

Choose Art In Your Bedroom The Right Way

How To Change Your Bedroom Decor To Become A Morning Person_3

The trick is to hang art of things you want to have in your life – images with nourishing, happy and beautiful energy. Any sad, lonely or aggressive images can make you feel these emotions more regularly when you see them so make sure to keep those away for a better night’s sleep.

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