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Bedroom Paint Colors That You Should Avoid

Picking the right bedroom paint colors can deeply affect the way your room works for you.

Decorating a bedroom is much more than choosing the right set of nice sheets. The bedroom is the place in the house that is entirely dedicated to you, so it’s important that you can find solace whenever you’re in it. Few things can ruin your bedroom’s laidback vibe like not-so-soothing paint hue. Get to know which colors you should definitely avoid if you want the sweetest dreams.

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Colors have a psychology to them and particular hues will have particular effects and bring particular vibes to your ambience. In a bedroom, a place where you can can relax and that is entirely dedicated to you, you don’t want colors that will agitate you or put you on edge. The following bedroom paint colors are to be absolutely avoided if you want your ambience to be as relaxing as possible.

1 – Red

Bedroom Paint Colors That You Should Avoid

Red is a color that grabs attention and tends to elicit an immediate physical response, increasing blood pressure and increases pulse rate. It is therefore quite lively color, but it can also activate a fight instinct, making you more prone to anger, anxiety, and irritability.

You can imagine why you’d want to avoid red in your bedroom. Red is an energetic color and you don’t want to feel the unpleasant sensation that the walls are coming towards you as you’re trying to sleep.

2 – Bright Green

Bedroom Paint Colors That You Should Avoid

Because it is associated heavily with nature, green often creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, helping to relax and balance the body, and triggering a sense of comfort and calm.

However, any neon or bright colors are to be avoided in a bedroom. So, despite being a calming color, that same principle also applies to shades of green. These hues are very vibrant and will definitely keep you up at night!

3 – Orange

Few things can ruin a bedroom's laidback vibe like bad colors. Get to know which bedroom paint colors you should definitely avoid for the sweetest dreams!Orange is a warm color associated with comfort, food, security, and fun, among other things. And there you go: physical fun. Lively colors are to be avoided in bedrooms if you actually want to sleep in them. In order to properly rest, you should probably stick to muted blues and greens.

4 – Anything Saturated

Bedroom Paint Colors That You Should Avoid

Color plays a big role in creating the overall ambiance of the room. Thus, you should opt for light, muted hues that promote relaxation and comfort, setting the mood for a good night’s sleep. Otherwise, if you choose bright, saturated colors, you may trigger a sense of alertness. Reserve such vivid hues for for rooms that actually require high energy.

5 – Anything that doesn’t work for you!

Of course these are just suggestion. There are no rules when it comes to bedroom decor, since everyone is different and has their own tastes and ideas for design solutions. A color that might give you a big headache might make someone else very much happy. This article was about general color psychology and why you should shy way from them when it comes to bedrooms. But you do you and whatever you do make sure it fulfills you. If neon yellow is what soothes you, then go for it!

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Now that you’ve read and loved our article on bedroom paint colors, feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or share them on social media. Don’t forget that you can visit our Pinterest Boards and find out the most outstanding bar stools and furniture ideas!

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