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These Classic Movie Bedrooms Will Give You a Sense of Nostalgia

Today, Bedroom Ideas decided to scrutinise the most classic movie bedrooms in the history of cinema, those that had a hand in some way, shape or form in the bedroom design of hundreds and thousands of people. The following selection will give you a sense of nostalgia but in a good way, as we remember mesmerising movie bedrooms that made an impact in your life.

Le Fabuleux Destine d’Ámelie Poulain


Displaying a memorable red stark wallpaper with modern portraits, Amélie’s master bedroom was bound to make an impression. Plus, those bedside lamps are divine.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Perhaps adapting one of the most iconic characters in history, Holly Golightly, this movie can serve as an epitome of no matter how small a room is, there is always space for elegance. It supports a twin-size bed which is completed with a wrought iron headboard and a gold boudoir.

Moulin Rouge


Styling a Victorian boudoir-style bedroom, Moulin Rouge exudes exuberance in its production design. In addition, it was home to the burning desire scene between Satine and Christian.



The Iconic teen romantic comedy was unbelievably ahead of time in reference to its fashion sense, especially for that marvellous rotating clothing rack.



Incredibly decorated with a wooden bed, this classic movie bedroom was responsible for the beginning of one of the most beloved duos ever found in Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as the epic scene where Jack draws Rose like one of his French girls takes place here.

Gone with the Wind


This Old Hollywood classic showcased Scarlett’s Atlanta house with the finest materials and textures they could possibly find, from the crystal lighting fixtures to the exuberant draperies, to the high-quality accessories, basically, everything was on point.

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The Princess Bride

classic movie bedrooms princess-bride

In an inspiring tale of princesses, knights, thieves, and monsters, this bedroom was the heart of this story. It is a great example of how one should decorate a kid’s bedroom.

Pretty In Pink

classic movie bedrooms pretty in pink

Having pink as the colour of choice, this bedroom plays with a cluster of delicate fabrics, especially lace. In general, Molly Ringwald’s character creates the perfect dent for romance.


classic movie bedrooms

Charmingly decorated with horse art, a pink patterned wallpaper and bedspreads, Frenchy’s room become a classic for the amazing slumber party between the fun girlfriends.

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How do you feel about these classic movie bedrooms? Find more inspirations for your house interior design at our Pinterest boards!

Source: House Beautiful

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