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Coral Decor That You Should Definitely Welcome In Your Bedroom

The coral decor is the latest craze- aka 16-1546 or ‘Living Coral’ this is the Pantone color of 2019! Not only with a big influence in the fashion industry, it will bring us happiness, also you will find a lot of interior inspirations with this special summer color.

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It’s supposed to be stimulating and gentle, the main reason why you will, of course, find it also in a lot of bedroom designs. A color that supports your relaxing atmosphere in this important room? Just perfect!

Coral decor that you should definitely welcome in your BedroomFor those who tend to bold trends and dare, this example of using coral decor for your bedroom inspiration is just the thing. You really love this warm color and cannot decide for just one piece in this nuance? No Problem at all. There are so many different shades of this color, that it is definitely possible to style the whole room in the new trendy color. The use of sandy tones and gold are the perfect combination for a quiet balance in your coral room.

Sometimes more salmon, sometimes more rust, coral brings a touch of warmth to a room, yet it can also be the perfect bold statement.

Editors Choice

Coral decor that you should definitely welcome in your BedroomSophia Single Sofa

Coral decor that you should definitely welcome in your BedroomA much simpler look consists of a beige base of the room furniture and sets only in the decorations on the trend color. Such a calm and energetic look. With the use of the different shades, it is a light and fresh way to update your bedroom. Coral Bedding is not expensive and it is also easy changeable again, just buy another shade of coral cushions for example, so for all the unstable people under us, the right way to stay in trend.

Editors  Choice:

Coral decor that you should definitely welcome in your BedroomMonroe Armchair

Coral decor that you should definitely welcome in your BedroomAnother option is to only paint the wall. In this way, it is not only the wall, because walls have always a big face and like this also a big expression for every room. With painting the wall in this trendy color you give the whole room directly a coral decor.  Of course, you can add some fitting coral decor, like these little figures on the side table next to the bed, or you just leave it like that- because it speaks for itself.

Coral decor that you should definitely welcome in your Bedroom

For your bedroom design, this trend gives multiple choices of styles.  There is not only one definition about coral, more there is a variant of shades which make the look much more interesting.  Different variants like the orange coral, red coral, and pink coral give further creative possibilities of expression. You just have to choose from all these creative possibilities..

Coral decor that you should definitely welcome in your BedroomThis color really has huge power, it radiates pure life, with unbelievable energy. Maybe because it is directly adapted to nature. The origin of this wonderful color is the beautiful coral reefs of these seas that are just bursting with life. And what is more alive than the sea? Add some coral bedding and directly life spirit to your bedroom design. Coral decor will surprise you with energy!

written by Lena Meißner

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