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Discover the Most Captivating Exhibitors at AD SHOW 2017

The Architectural Digest Design Show, AD Show 2017 is taking place this week, from 16th to 19th March at the Piers 92 and 94 in New York, USA. As a result, Bedroom Ideas is going to display a series of brands and designers that are bound to make an everlasting impression within the community. In addition, this article could also act as a great source of inspirations to use for your bedroom decor, so pay close attention to every piece.

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Iconic Modern Home works with top real estate agents and professionals, as well as developers in its luxury staging business. Seeking fast results for property owners, Iconic Modern uses all authentic modern furnishings, and investment grade art to set its properties apart from the rest of the market. Offering turn key solutions for buyers and renters, all items are for sale.

Source: Joel Urruty

Joël Urruty is an artist creating abstract figurative sculptures. His studio is in Hickory, NC where he works carving and creating unique one of a kind sculptures in both wood and bronze. His work has been shown in Japan as well as various galleries and museums throughout the Unites States.

Source: Joel Urruty

KOKET is known for its empowering and sensuous nature as well as enticing dramatic interiors. At AD Show 2017, the luxury brand will exhibit the Love Happens Lounge which is characterised by its alluring effect of metallic tease along with an astonishing social character.

ad show 2017

The Lounge is characterised by a strong presence of exoticism over clean vintage lines. Although it is an extremely luxurious setting, it is also a highly edited space. Its design showcases KOKET’s fondness for black with cream and gold accents.

Design enthusiasts can expect epic and glamorous pieces, such as the Egoist Mirror, the Gia Chandelier, the Reptilia Sofa, and much more.

ad show 2017

ad show 2017

BRABBU is a design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle. With BRABBU you will get more than a design piece, you will get a diversity of spaces fulfilled with memories and unique sensations in perfect harmony with your spaces and your personality.

Boca do Lobo is an exquisite brand which focuses on creating and producing high-quality furniture through the most ancient and traditional craftsmanship techniques. The main goal of Boca do Lobo is to transform the rich heritage of the Portuguese Culture into design pieces with the highest levels of excellence.

Source: Jason Lewis

A collection of modern solid wood furniture, designed by Jason Lewis and handmade by in his design studio in Chicago.  Their skilled woodworkers build each piece individually through an exquisite selection of hardwood and traditional joinery techniques. The designs created by Jason Lewis draw on a classic mid-century aesthetic, combining simplicity, elegance, and sophistication.

Source: AVO

AVO was established in 2014 by Brit Kleinman, who brought her passion for materials and painting to life using leather as a canvas for her creative vision. AVO develops dynamic visuals through a wide range of products including pillows, furnishings, and wall coverings. Forms and patterns are thoughtfully crafted in house with their dyeing done by hand.

Source: AVO

ad show 2017 5

DelightFull provides a wide selection of high quality, versatile and creative lighting designs, offering the possibility of being fitted with many types of atmospheres, styles and spaces. The diversified heritage from the Soul and Jazz of 30’s, 40’s and 50’s inspired the creation of these exquisite lamps that take on the legacy of – WISDOM – of men who craft with their own hands.

ad show 2017 3

Maison Valentina is focused on the design and production of exquisite and extraordinary bathrooms and bathroom accessories. A brand full of elegance and sophistication that will bring a sense of glamour and exoticism into your home.

ad show 2017 2
Source: Lori Katz Ceramic Design

Lori Katz’s current focus is on wall works. The pieces are stoneware with some mixed media. The additions to the raw surface can include contrasting clays, slips, underglaze and high-temperature wire. Post firing additions can range from acrylic paint, oil paint, cold wax and metal leaf.

ad show 2017 1
Source: Ana Giovinazzo

The type of art created by Ana Giovinazzo could be defined as geometric pieces filled with pure and intense colours, with impeccable edging and forms. With the production of her last series, Ana Giovinazzo focused on the changes that have occurred in her work throughout the years. Her endless passion hints at surprises with future series that will continue showcasing her emotions and struggles within the various stages of her life.

ad show 2017
Source: Ana Giovinazzo

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