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Discover 9 Mesmerizing Bedroom Designs by Katharine Pooley

British interior designer, Katharine Pooley is known for creating awe-inspiring and expensive-looking interiors for a discerning clientele. Specialising in commercial and residential projects, her singular style is characterized by a refined and eclectic aesthetic, making her one of the most requested artists in England, and all over the world. In this article, you will be able to discover 10 mesmerizing bedrooms design from the brilliant designer.

mesmerizing bedroom designs by katharine pooley
Source: Katharine Pooley

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mesmerizing bedroom designs by katharine pooley 1
Source: Katharine Pooley

One of the most opulent interiors, the British designer has decorated is the Grosvenor Square. With a heavy Art Deco presence, this glamorous bedroom contains bespoke furniture upholstered in stunning fabrics, conceding it a very cozy ambience and decor.

mesmerizing bedroom designs by katharine pooley 2
Source: Rightmove

In this bedroom design, the designer opted for a neutral color scheme that combines various shades of beige. Then, she combined it with wood furniture, creating a sensational design.

mesmerizing bedroom designs by katharine pooley 3
Source: Katharine Pooley

Pooley displayed her high-expertise in decoration when designed the phenomenal Lancasters Apartment. These bedrooms presents exquisite finishes and luxury fabrics that reach that high-level of luxury that only a few can pull off.

mesmerizing bedroom designs by katharine pooley 4
Source: Katharine Pooley

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mesmerizing bedroom designs by katharine pooley 5
Source: Room Decor Ideas

While this bedroom set is smaller than the others, its design was carefully planned.

mesmerizing bedroom designs by katharine pooley 6
Source: World Architecture News

Furniture is an essential part of decoration any interior. Katharine Pooley does a wonderful job selecting luxurious pieces that exude glamour to its full potential, just take a minute to admire the astonishing bed with a beige upholstered headboard.

mesmerizing bedroom designs by katharine pooley 7
Source: DK Decor

In this bedroom design, Katharine Pooley decided to create two different areas: one with the bed and the nightstands, to sleep, and the second one with a sofa and chairs, where you can spend some time relaxing or reading a book or a magazine.

mesmerizing bedroom designs by katharine pooley 8
Source: Edward Miles Removals

The best way to give depth and dimension to your bedroom is by placing elegantly large wall mirrors, especially traditional ones as they will give just the right amount of effect and decorative purpose your bedroom needs.

mesmerizing bedroom designs by katharine pooley 9
Source: Deringhall

This Mayfair bedroom by Katharine Pooley is the epitome of contemporary luxury. It contains a glamorous mix of comfortably sophisticated furniture pieces that will allow you to relax.

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