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Essential Decorating Tips by Nate Berkus for a Serene Bedroom

Nate Berkus is a renowned American interior designer, author, TV host and television personality. He manages the Chicago interior design firm Nate Berkus Associates. He has released numerous lines of products and has also authored several books. Today, Bedroom Ideas will display a few decorating tips issued by the interior designer that are bound to enhance one’s bedroom decor.

bedroom decorating tips nate berkus 1
Source: Target Cooperate

Guarantee that your bedroom is as soft as possible through layering fabrics in soft, neutral tones. An excellent option would be the Embroidered Duvet from Nate Berkus’ summer collection which is available at Target.

bedroom decorating tips nate berkus 2
Source: Architectural Digest

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“Add depth and softness by bringing in fabrics in a soft, muted color palette. And don’t be limited to pillows – hang fabric on your walls, slipcover your nightstands, get creative!” – Nate Berkus

bedroom decorating tips nate berkus 3
Source: Target Cooperate

Introduce a few vintage and handmade pieces to your bedroom design. They will add a little bit of character to it, making it a rather welcoming and tailored space.

bedroom decorating tips nate berkus 4
Source: Huffington Post

Make sure that your nightstands and dressers are not overflowing with things, keep only essential accessories atop of this pieces, you will have a more relaxing and healthier night, and you will wake up to a clean lined room.

bedroom decorating tips nate berkus 5
Source: Memorable Decor

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In collaboration with Huffington Post, here you can watch Nate Berkus’ awe-inspiring ideas and methods to transform a simple bedroom into a serene and elegant space.the best ways to turn a bedroom into a serene and peaceful space:

Video Credit to Huffington Post

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Source: Nate Berkus / Huffington Post

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