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Eight Exquisite Sideboards from Luxury Furniture Brands

A sideboard may be considered a must-have inside a living or dining room design, however, they can also give a little bit of spark to a bedroom decor as they are quite functional for storage and organisation while also being extremely appealing for its exceptionality. Considering this, Bedroom Ideas decided to give you a selection of the 8 most wanted sideboard from luxury furniture brands that will surely make a strong impression in any interior design set.

Discover The 8 Most Wanted Exquisite Sideboards
This exquisite sideboard was born in Portugal by Boca do Lobo designers. The Symphony Sideboard draws inspiration from church organ tubes, as well as the curves of a violin. The Symphony seeks to re-interpret classic elements through contemporary design and cutting-edge technology and has become an emblematic piece within the Limited Edition Collection.
Discover The 8 Most Wanted Exquisite Sideboards
This incredible and unique sideboard shows how Portuguese brands are worldwide recognized. Hand-painted-tiles have gained a privileged place in architecture throughout the centuries. Portugal has adopted them like no other country has and in order to honor the Portuguese hand painted tiles, Boca do Lobo created Heritage Sideboard.

Discover The 8 Most Wanted Exquisite Sideboards

Essential Home’s Monocles sideboard is made of solid walnut wood and brass with knurled details. Circles are engraved on the sides and the back in the walnut wood, while three golden doors fulfil the setting with a kind of ‘kiss kiss bang bang’ spirit.
Discover The 8 Most Wanted Exquisite Sideboards

Another exquisite creation, another masterpiece by Portuguese brand Essential Home that will fulfil your home with a special atmosphere. Edith is an exclusive and unique sideboard, upholstered with a smooth pink fabric. A gray textured marble top stands out for its high-end look, while pink and gold contrast with each other, flowing through the structure of the sideboard.

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Discover The 8 Most Wanted Exquisite Sideboards luxury furniture brands

NAZCA sideboard by BRABBU is A mid-century modern furniture piece that acts as a tribute to Mother Earth’s heartbeat, NAZCA walnut sideboard reminds the movement triggered by tectonic plates that involve us in an exquisite rhythm. This exquisite sideboard will look fabulous in every home decor and design project!

Discover The 8 Most Wanted Exquisite Sideboards luxury furniture brands

With the style of a precious jewel, the new Diamond sideboard, colored in green emerald, will make a splash in interior design. This marvelous sideboard by Boca do Lobo transmits luxury, refinement, and power.

Discover The 8 Most Wanted Exquisite Sideboards luxury furniture brands

Soho Sideboard by Boca do Lobo was presented for the first time in London, one of the biggest and international stages of design. This luxury sideboard is an exquisite work of art and one of our best sellers.

Discover The 8 Most Wanted Exquisite Sideboards luxury furniture brands

This modern home decor piece was inspired by the warmth of tropical atmosphere, CASSIS wood sideboard is the touch of nature that every space needs. CASSIS brings tales from ancient times and from unknown natural places, in a mixture of senses into a modern home decor.

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