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Impressive Tour of Cara Delevingne’s London Luxury House

Cool,elegant,chic ; Cara Delevingne’s luxury house for to get inspiration

It’s no secret that supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delevingne has a big personality, but  she also loves her house life. So when it came to decorating her new London Luxury House, she turned to family friend Tom Bartlett ; more focused to create a house for Cara Delevigne personality that’s why both her party-girl side and her homebody tendencies constitute the style of home decor.Let’s have a look Cara Delevingne’s London Luxury House.

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Impressive Tour of Cara Delevingne’s London Luxury House1 Cara Delevingne was living her parents until recently. But even the young and the restless need a place of their own, which now happens to be a prepared Georgian house in West London house. That amazing house got high ceilings and big windows Tom Bartlett says ”We wanted it to reflect the way she lives there. Like if you were a 25-year-old, it’s about having friends around, going to sleep jet-lagged and feeling in a cocoon”Cara Delivigne’s bedroom inspire from her personality most important thing was to create a good place for bedroom design.

Impressive Tour of Cara Delevingne’s London Luxury House The master bedroom features a comfortable canopy bed and overlooks the garden which has a great landscape. In that master bedroom, every detail thinks very well. For Cara Delevigne’s master bedroom all pieces are chosen by her ideas and her lifestyle. Interior designers always consider her requirement. Bright and stylish bedroom decor totally represent her style. Especially that corner with a colorful single sofa brings a new ambiance to the bedroom. It should be great to watch the garden from there. That blue and the goldish mid-century single sofa is unique and stylish for a luxury bedroom.


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 Impressive Tour of Cara Delevingne’s London Luxury House Cara Delevingne’s London luxury house is exactly a reflection of her ideas and personality. Even her dressing room has a different design than the usual dressing rooms. Livid color wardrobes and light color geometric lines take attention and transform the basic wardrobe to remarkable bedroom furniture. Interıor designer located that commode middle of the bedroom. That gives the room a luxury bedroom style. And ıt is also good to see the same design as wardrobe on the commode. They complete each other in that Luxury London House.

We love Cara Delevingne’s London Luxury bedroom! let’s have a look other rooms.


Impressive Tour of Cara Delevingne’s London Luxury House



Impressive Tour of Cara Delevingne’s London Luxury House

Impressive Tour of Cara Delevingne’s London Luxury House Impressive Tour of Cara Delevingne’s London Luxury House

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