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Be Inspired By The Versatility Of These Heavenly Beds

Heavenly beds, everybody has an urgent need for it. To come home after hard days of working and just lay down and turn off the world for a moment, have relaxing hours of sleep in the night is hardly needed. Like you can see, to find the perfect fitting bed, is a really important task. So do not underestimate it!

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So many different characteristics, so many different persons out there. But nowadays for every situation, for every room and also for every specific person you can find the perfect bed- let us start with these words!

Storage bed wonder

Be inspired by the versatility of these heavenly bedsBe inspired by the versatility of these heavenly beds

The people in the cities are becoming more and more and the space of our favorite spaces is, of course, limited. As a result of it, we must arrange our home in smaller places, too. For a variety of creative reasons, the storage rooms under beds like this have been created in recent years and they gaining more and more popularity.  And we cannot question this trend, who does not want to have a super comfortable bed and the possibility of accommodating a lot at the same time.

The Beauty

Be inspired by the versatility of these heavenly bedsEveryone sets their priorities differently, some focus on the practical advantages of a piece of furniture, others, on the other hand, the look is the most important. With the new trend that the headboard of a bed becomes kind of artwork, the main focus is definitely on the look. There are so many different bed designs out there, but one of the most famous artwork headboards are the ones with the beautiful carvings. Depending on which wood is used, whether unprocessed or true to nature, and with which pattern it is designed, each headboard makes your bed the eye-catcher in your bedroom furniture. 

The comfortable OneBe inspired by the versatility of these heavenly beds

Yes, yes, yes- where is the most important character for a bed you are asking? Here we are! Picked up one of the most comfortable beds in the bedroom furniture world. The perfect bed should not only give a comfortable and restful sleep, but it should have also some extra tricks! In the evenings by candlelight and dim light read the last pages of your favorite novel, or just do a cozy Netflix and Chill evening with your best friend. In any case needed: a comfortable back part and thus no more urge for the 1 million pillow arrangements in the back. Lean back and enjoy the evening with this wonderful comfortable back part of your bed. 

Do you need more bed designs?

Editor Choice:

Be inspired by the versatility of these heavenly beds

Carver Armchair


For all the kids under us

Be inspired by the versatility of these heavenly bedsWho is not dreaming from time to time about this kid dream of having an amazing bunk bed? And hey we can tell you something, it is never too late for your dreams! Even when you are an adult you can live this dream. Besides living your dream you will have so many benefits from a bunk bed. The arrangement of a tiny room is not even that problem any longer and you can have your little loft, even in the smallest room. The only things you may have are technical skills or just a friend who will help you with it and already your dream can come true with your personal vision. Amazing or?

Editors Choice:

Be inspired by the versatility of these heavenly beds

Sophia Bed

The famous one

Be inspired by the versatility of these heavenly bedsThe famous one- which bed could this be? We are talking about the famous box spring beds. In the last years, they were a big seller and that for reasons. With their higher frame, you can be sure they will catch you softly when you are falling in them. You don’t need any effort to jump out of them in the early morning, more they will help you with a gentle and easy start!

Heavenly beds are a true relief!

written by Lena Meißner

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