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Intensify Your Bedroom Decor with Boca do Lobo’s Luxury Safes

Luxury Brand, Boca do Lobo often creates some of the most astonishing pieces, designs that demonstrate the brand’s masterful skill in craftsmanship. In this article, you will be able to visualise luxury safes that would immediately enhance your bedroom decor.


Designed in a Victorian futuristic style and inspired by traditional Swiss watch making techniques, the Baron Safe is an exceptional piece of Haute craftsmanship, perfect for those with an appetite for extreme luxury.

blackdiamond luxury safes

The Diamond Safe is an impenetrable piece with an unparalleled personality and feel, capable of leaving anyone awestruck, yet only allowing entry to a selected few.

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Influenced by the California Gold Rush and the “Forty-niner’s”, the Millionaire Safe is Boca do Lobo’s most iconic safe. The dented top highlights the safe’s impenetrable nature while the empowering opening handle draws inspiration from Portuguese history and the era of maritime discoveries.

luxury safes 2

Lockable drawers and a whole structure in mahogany, coated in highly polished brass and dipped in gold make the Millionaire Silver a piece of indisputable value.

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knox-luxury-safe-zoom luxury safes

Knox Safe represents an inviolable barrier between the world and your most valuable treasures. With design traits and details very similar to those found on the world famous Fort Knox gold vaults, this luxury safe features incredible finishes and detailed work.


The rare and exceptional jewellery safe, Bohème distinguishes itself for Haute craftsmanship and hyper-refinement in its essence, following a new hyper luxury trend.

How do you feel about these luxury safes by Boca do Lobo? Find more inspirations for your house interior design at our Pinterest boards and Twitter.

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