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It’s Review Time: What We Think About This Lighting Solution?

Piazzola and Tango, Tango and Piazzola!

Have you heard of Astor Piazzola? If not, we will present him to you today, and you will figure it out what he has to do with the lighting solution we are presenting to you too! Stay tuned to find everything out!

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Astor Pantaleón Piazzolla was an Argentine tango composer, bandoneon player, and arranger, that was born on March 11, 1921, and died on July 4, 1992. His oeuvre revolutionized the traditional tango into a new style termed nuevo tango, incorporating elements from jazz and classical music. A virtuoso bandoneonist, he regularly performed his own compositions with a variety of ensembles.


In 1992, American music critic Stephen Holden described Piazzolla as:

The world’s foremost composer of tango music.

In 1946 Piazzolla formed his Orquesta Típica, which, although having a similar formation to other tango orchestras of the day, gave him his first opportunity to experiment with his own approach to the orchestration and musical content of tango. That same year he composed El Desbande, which he considered to be his first formal tango, and then began to compose musical scores for films, starting with Con Los mismos colores in 1949 and Bólidos de acero in 1950, both films directed by Carlos Torres Ríos.

I still can’t believe that some pseudo-critics continue to accuse me of having murdered tango. They have it backward. They should look at me as the savior of tango. I performed plastic surgery on it.

Piazzola said. Now it’s time to show you the lighting design that is inspired by this great Argentine musician. This is .

Piazzolla wall fixture is a pure 60’s stilnovo style that brings a retro touch to contemporary spaces. Featuring two aluminum cones, this wall light fixture offers light both from top and bottom lamp shades to provide a subtle glow.

It's Review Time What We Think About This Lighting Solution 6

With a dynamic and versatile look that can be applied to any setting, can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Its structure is made in brass with a nickel plated finish, while one of the lamp shades has a brushed nickel finish and the other has a matte black finish. The interior finishing of the shades is matte white.

However, custom made versions can be done upon request, allowing you to customize the two lamp shades as you desire. With double cone swiveling pinhole lights, Piazzolla wall light is the perfect lamp for your office and retro living room.

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