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Outdated Bedroom Trends You Don’t Want In Your Home Decor

Here’s all the bedroom trends from years ago you definitely don’t want to keep using in your home decor.

If you’re always on the lookout for the newest home decor trends, then this is the article for you. Find out exactly what you’re doing wrong in that intimate space of your home with these outdated bedroom trends you need to know about.

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Matching Everything

Outdated Bedroom Trends You Don't Want In Your Home Decor_1 (1)

Long gone are the days where people would buy bedroom furniture in “sets”, matching it all perfectly and ending up creating a sterile and impersonal space. It’s all about introducing your personality and your lifestyle into your bedroom decor. Add color or keep it neutral, mix materials and patterns – style it to your heart’s content.

Heavy Oak Furniture

Outdated Bedroom Trends You Don't Want In Your Home Decor_2 (1)

Do you remember going to your parents and grandparents’ home and seeing that heavy oak furniture everywhere? It made the room feel heavy, crowded and impersonal. Now, it’s all about keeping it light and breezy, with soft linen, different wooden materials, even the use of velvet and metal. Go wild, don’t keep yourself attached to the same material every time!

Carpet Everywhere

Outdated Bedroom Trends You Don't Want In Your Home Decor_3 (1)

Get rid of that carpet hiding the entirity of your bedroom floor – show some of that wooden floor! Besides taking so much space and not creating dimension at all, carpets easily hold dust and bugs, so the better option is clearly a rug, that you can place under your bed and create more dimension, color and shape in your decor.

Repetitive Design

Outdated Bedroom Trends You Don't Want In Your Home Decor_4 (1)

Tired of always the same patterns and colors? Spice it up, make it personal! It’s easy to get caught up on the same ideas and translating them to every room of your house but make sure you create different spaces by using different colors schemes, different patterns and materials.

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