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Take A Peek Inside The Home Of Youtube Sensation David Dobrik!

Vlogger star, David Dobrik, reveals to Architectual Digest the interior design of his hilltop house – and we’re giving you a house tour as well!

Slovak-born, Illinois-raised Youtube sensation, David Dobrik, internet’s favorite vlogger, has recently led Architectual Digest through a house tour of his hilltop studio with a view of the mountains and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Living on the edge, quite literally, David shows us that passion for design can be found anywhere, even in his home, despite saying he doesn’t particularly know anything about interior design or furniture. A lover of neon art, David Dobrik welcomes all of us into his home in this article, so continue reading to find out more!

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Take A Peek Inside The Home Of Youtube Sensation David Dobrik!_1 (1)

When it came to purhcasing his home, this rare find came after 8 months of search and it was love at first sight for Youtube star, David Dobrik. What sealed the deal was a promise of incredible fireworks shows plus “surreal” vistas of the mountains and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, an area theme park. All he was searching for was a backyard and a view and he got the best of both worlds.

Take A Peek Inside The Home Of Youtube Sensation David Dobrik!_3 (1)

But what about the interior design? Even though he had all means to hire an acclaimed interior designer, David looked to two buddies, Reginald Castro and Natalina Mariduena, two friends of his from his hometown who, according to him, “are really artsy and have a good eye for things, and I told them to just interior decorate it and make it look cool.” That’s how his first home, a 2,700-square-foot four-bedroom in Studio City, came to life, by the hand of friends who knew him too well.

Dobrik’s house doubles as his workplace, and the most-used space is his living room. Glass doors glide open to meld the indoors—furnished minimally with a pool table, small bar table, gumball machine and bar cart stocked with disposable cameras. It’s a dream come true for the Youtube sensation, and he feels right at home.

Take A Peek Inside The Home Of Youtube Sensation David Dobrik!_2 (1)

In YouTube star David Dobrik’s Studio City home, his creative friends Reginald Castro and Natalina Mariduena painted several walls black, Dobrik’s favorite color. “They really didn’t even ask me, they just went for it,” he says. “I had no idea what looked cool, and I was so happy.”

I wanted the vibe to be like the basement on That ’70s Show where people walk in, grab something from the fridge, and chill out on the couch, even when I’m not home.

Take A Peek Inside The Home Of Youtube Sensation David Dobrik!_4 (1)

Castro and Mariduena’s stylings over the course of a few weeks also included DIY’ing a graphic black wall in his master bedroom (topped with Parachute linens) with tape and black paint. It was a surprise that David Dobrik was incredibly excited about. What’s not to love?

“I really like that it’s not too big, it’s not too small. It’s not too modern and it’s not old. It’s just right, like a nice, big, humble home,” and that’s exactly what he was searching for.

Take A Peek Inside The Home Of Youtube Sensation David Dobrik!_5 (1)

Dobrik does most of his podcast recording and editing in his home, though not only in the room assigned for that effect. In fact, he spends so much time in his favorite space of his home (the living room) that he turned his recording room into a screening room. We love the detail of a photo of the time he taped his friend to a wall with duct tape on one of the walls of this room.

Take A Peek Inside The Home Of Youtube Sensation David Dobrik!_6 (1)

Despite constantly having in mind the cool and modern side he was clearly searching for, David Dobrik also always kept in mind comfort. His home reflects his real-life and Youtube persona perfectly, combining a fun vibe with comfortable and relaxing moments.

“I can relax here, but I can also have a really good time here,” he says. “And that’s a pretty good representation of my videos and me.”

Take A Peek Inside The Home Of Youtube Sensation David Dobrik!_7 (1)

Although he says he doesn’t have an eye for interior design, the art in his home is a reflection of his taste, filled with neon art that the Youtube star is obsessed with and some pieces by Shelby and Sandy, an L.A. brother duo who made two pieces for the house. “I’m not much of an art guy but I really do love Shelby and Sandy’s work—they look like they’re made on a computer but they’re hand-painted.”

Take A Peek Inside The Home Of Youtube Sensation David Dobrik!_8 (1)

Dobrik’s backyard looks out to the mountains, Universal Studios, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and that’s one of the highlights he was searching for in his first home. We can’t help but admire the view and realize just what Dobrik means when he says he can’t help but feel like he’s in a movie when he looks out the window in his living room. With a home like this, peace of mind comes easier, and we’re thankful Dobrik continues to show the same passion for life in his videos in this new home of his.

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