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Room Of The Week: Contemporary Bedroom Designs

Make sure you’re up to date with the latest and best contemporary bedroom designs.

Before you step into this train, forget all about what you think about contemporary bedroom designs. While in theory, they seem old and sterile, the end result is often an inviting one. If you don’t want it to be all neutral tones and simple bedroom furniture, we have the right contemporary bedroom decorating ideas.

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Room Of The Week Contemporary Bedroom Designs
Photo: Michael Moran

This contemporary guest bedroom belongs in a Manhattan penthouse designed by architects Lee F. Mindel and Peter L. Shelton is all about concealing soothing happy colors with timeless decor and stylish bedroom.

Room Of The Week Contemporary Bedroom Designs 3
Photo: Eric Piasecki

This color rich bedroom is all about casting the right energies into your bedroom designs. Appealing to the senses, this blue room decor is all about getting the right tone at the right time. With a vintage aura to it, this will seamlessly captivate your dreamland.

Room Of The Week Contemporary Bedroom Designs 2
Photo: François Halard

Contemporary bedroom furniture is all about how you decide to incorporate it into your bedroom. A table lamp can make any room be the most interesting of the places. With simple furniture lines, from the yellows to dark tones, this is the one you’ll want to have.

Editor’s Choice


Room Of The Week Contemporary Bedroom Designs 6


Room Of The Week Contemporary Bedroom Designs 4

If you want to traditional contemporary bedroom style, then this is the one you want to have in mind. A neutral grey bedroom is all about getting complex greys in tone. Give it a twist and add the golden touches when it comes to lighting and furniture.


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