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7 Tips To Design Your Dream Bedroom

A bedroom is a place to relax, to rest our minds after a long day of work. Sometimes, however, our bedrooms don’t represent that and it only takes a few steps to get the beautiful bedroom you’ve always dreamed of. Today, we’re taking all excuses aside and giving you 7 tips to design your dream bedroom.

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Declutter And Simplify

7 Tips To Design Your Dream Bedroom

A disorganized bedroom is the last place you’ll find yourself relaxing. Eliminating clutter isn’t that hard if you know how to make the most of your bedroom’s storage. Sometimes all you need is some floating shelves on the wall, bringing a touch of uniqueness to your room, to declutter a bit.


Block Out The Noise

7 Tips To Design Your Dream Bedroom

Noisy neighbours and traffic on nearby roads are sounds that can have a harmful effect on your sleep patterns. There are various ways to block out noises, such as installing a ceiling fan to keep the bedroom cool during Summer and to block the outside noise, incorporate thick fabrics and textiles, and even get yourself a luxurious upholstered headboard.

Pick The Right Color

7 Tips To Design Your Dream Bedroom

Choose a paint colour for your dream bedroom based on the placing of the room and the atmosphere you want to create. In a room that receives plenty of natural sunlight, you can use colours from the blue or green side of the colour wheel to help a room feel cooler.

Bring In Reflective Surfaces

7 Tips To Design Your Dream Bedroom

You can further heighten the illusion of light, space and luxury by choosing the right accessory pieces for your dream bedroom. Reflective surfaces, whether mirrored or transparent, have the ability to ‘disappear.’ For small bedrooms, it’s perfect to create even more space!

Consider Scale And Proportion

7 Tips To Design Your Dream Bedroom

When designing the layout for a bedroom, it is important to take the size of the room into account. We always make sure you know scale and proportion is very important in living rooms or dining rooms, but any room in your home decor needs this harmony. You need to pick furniture pieces that actually fit proportionally in your bedroom.

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Add Luxury With Fabrics And Textiles

7 Tips To Design Your Dream Bedroom

Spoil yourself! Pick quality bed linens in plain colours or interesting patterns. Layering the bed with linens and cushions is an easy way to turn a plain bedroom into a luxurious retreat.

Turn Down The Lights

7 Tips To Design Your Dream Bedroom

Lighting is important in any room and just as key in a bedroom. Ambient lighting sets the mood and is perhaps the easiest form of lighting to choose. Don’t forget though – make turning down the lights possible from your bed. There is always the ability to do so with some smart choices!

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