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Transform Your Bedroom with Boca do Lobo’s Exclusive Lighting Designs

The Limited Edition Collection by Boca do Lobo has been extended with two exclusive lighting designs – the Supernova and L’Chandelier – that embody the supreme passion for the art of craftsmanship. These exquisite lighting pieces represent the ultimate form of art, reflecting the highest standards of beauty, quality and comfort.

exclusive lighting designs by boca do lobo

These designs combine the traditional craftsmanship techniques with cutting-edge technology to create magnificent contemporary designs that are bound to transform any bedroom decor.

Boca do Lobo offers the best Portuguese expertise, techniques and quality, through an exclusive design, with the aim of lighting up spaces with expertly and beautifully crafted chandeliers.

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bedroom ideas exclusive lighting designs by boca do lobo 1

The Supernova Chandelier was inspired by the cataclysmic explosion of a massive star since it represents a bright starburst that was revolutionized into a fascinating and timeless design.

bedroom ideas exclusive lighting designs by boca do lobo 6

The suspended brass particles of Supernova Chandelier will provide a timeless, brightest and magnificent ambience to any contemporary and modern house.

bedroom ideas exclusive lighting designs by boca do lobo 7

bedroom ideas exclusive lighting designs by boca do lobo 5

L’Chandelier is an impressive and luxurious lighting piece, that was inspired in the romantic and charming Champs-Élysées Avenue, frequently described “La plus belle avenue du monde” – the world’s most beautiful avenue. L’Chandelier offers a perfect balance between warm sophistication and metal edginess while combining it with infinite beauty and state-of-the-art materials.


L’Chandelier was designed with a marvelous dancing shape and it was made through the use of an antique technique, Repoussé, widely used with gold and silver for refined detailed work, during 3rd century BC.

bedroom ideas exclusive lighting designs by boca do lobo 3

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