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6 Ways To Make Your Tiny Bedroom Decor Big In Style

Your tiny bedroom can be grand in style!

With the rushy lives we live nowadays, one of the most important things that we could was for to relax and have a good night’s sleep to recharge a get ready for another day. That’s where the important of a good bedroom kicks in. Naturally, a bedroom can only be so good if it is properly decorated. Read on for some tips on how to change your bedroom decor into a proper recharging ambience.

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In order to help you effectively rest and reenergize, your bedroom must be designed properly. More than being the place where you sleep, you must design your bedroom as a place that will make you fell good, relaxed and happy. After all, your bedroom is the last place before see the before you go to sleep and the first place your eyes meet when you wake up.

If your bedroom happens to be smaller in dimension, then the decor should follow specific rules, so you can achieve the perfect ambience. Without further ado, take a look at 6 decor tips that will create the perfect reenergizing atmosphere in your tiny bedroom.

1 – Bright colors

White is the most practical choice for a small bedroom, being bright and versatile in terms of decor. Keeping the space from being too tight and brightening it up, it serves as a universal backdrop for any type of decor you want to use.

6 Ways To Make Your Tiny Bedroom Big In Style

Bonus tip: make sure your decor really stands out from the white backdrop, as you don’t want your room to be too cold, too void and too bright. However, you also don’t want your decor to be overcoming. Find a nice balance that fits your needs and your style.



2 – The right bed and the departed bed frame

For your tiny living room, you have to make sure you choose the right bed. That means you have to opt for a bed that is not too large, so as to not take to much space in your room. A very important tip to save a few extra inches of precious space is to choose a bed that does not have a bulky bed frame.

6 Ways To Make Your Tiny Bedroom Big In Style

Bonus tip: since you don’t have much room available (literally!) avoid centering your bed in the middle of the room and push it up against a corner.


3 – Embrace Minimalism

As we said in the beginning of this article, your bedroom as to be a place where you feel happy. So, make sure you tune your decor down to your favorite essentials, but don’t forget that the focus of a tiny bedroom is definitely the bed. The rest of the decor has to be the best possible use of the limited space you have.

6 Ways To Make Your Tiny Bedroom Big In Style

Bonus tip: if you can use built-in storage, then that would be great! Built-ins add a lot of storage capacity to a room while looking like they’re not even there!



4 – Amplify mirrors

This one is a no-brainer. You have a tiny bedroom and mirrors create the illusion of amplification. You need them! The easiest to way to reap the benefits of this illusion is to pick a big body-length mirror and lean it up against a wall.

6 Ways To Make Your Tiny Bedroom Big In Style

Bonus tip: if you place your mirror against a window, then not only will it create the illusion of a bigger room but also boost the amount of natural light that you get from your window.


5 – Shelves in the air

Buying furniture for a tiny room is complicated, so a nice way to place your favorite decor in it is to use floating shelves. Floating shelves are very versatile and they can be used in various ways, such as as bookcases, nightstands, and to hold boxes housing clothing and accessories.

6 Ways To Make Your Tiny Bedroom Big In Style



6 – Wallpaper!

Your tiny bedroom might be small, but it certainly does not have to be dull. Choose a wallpaper that fits your style and add it to a focal wall (probably the wall where your bed’s headboard should be).

6 Ways To Make Your Tiny Bedroom Big In Style

Bonus tip: wallpapers have a reputation of making rooms feel small and cluttered. However, this bad fame is outdated, as nowadays wallpapers are as diverse as ever! Make sure you choose a wallpaper that does not have a pattern that is too busy and coordinate the rest of your decor with it.

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