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6 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Design ideas that can revamp any small bedroom.

Decorating a small space doesn’t have to mean boring. It might be small, but your space still calls for excellent design. Layers of texture, brilliant furniture choices, and loads of creativity can turn your small space into the room of your dreams. Read on to find out 10 great small bedroom design ideas.

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1 – Modern beach look

10 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Vibrant Cool Aqua pairs well with the headboard along with pops of crips white. The custom bedding sets up a finishing look and ties in with the walls and the jellyfish-like lamps.


2 – Underbed storage

10 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

There is a lot of free real estate under your bed that can just be used and maximized with proper storage. Underbed drawers are brilliant and you can even used vacuum-sealed bags for clothes you don’t wear that often, storing them in organized boxes.


3 – Neutral palette

10 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

A neutral palette is ideal for small spaces. Subdued, natural colors are to be used throughout the space. In a bedroom, white cotton sheets and a neutral quilted throw, for instance, can achieve a layered look without relying on bold props of color.


4 – Double-duty furniture

10 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

There is nothing more useful than furniture that can be repurposed for a function other than the one it was built for. It saves money and makes possible to give new life to things that might have fallen into disuse. The image above shows a dresser repurposed as a roomy nightstand to house bouquets, books, and beauty products.


5 – Wood-walled bedroom

6 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

This completely new take on a country house brings minimally decorated bedrooms that feature built-in wooden closets and a desk to keep from eating into the floorspace with hefty furnishings.

6 – Balanced bedroom


6 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

This guest bedroom is characterized by whispers of gray and blue, which give the small space some big personality. The blue is contrasted by the dark wood, vintage furniture pieces, providing a nice vice of modernity and homaging the old.

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